The Clock is Always Ticking. 4 Tips to Keep your Studies on Track

It’s common knowledge that a large majority of clinical trials get delayed. This is unfortunate for all involved parties because it means that time and money frequently get wasted. However, there are easy ways research organizations can eliminate trial delays and start conducting higher quality and more profitable research.

Here are some ways you can start to improve:

Establish Goals and Milestones

This might seem like common sense, but many organizations go into studies without setting goals that can be accomplished as a trial progresses. By setting goals and milestones for recruitment, visits and overall trial progressions, you and your team can easily track how you are preforming against these goals and make necessary changes in order to meet these goals. Managing organizations can even set these goals for individual locations to ensure each study location is moving along correctly.

Embrace Real-Time Partner Collaboration

Clinical research is collaborative by nature, so it’s important you stay close with your partners. With tools like a CTMS, you and your partners can collaborate in real time via the CTMS and share important information that keeps a study progressing along your predetermined goals and milestones.

Avoid Ambiguity – Know Exactly How Your Studies Should Run

An easy way to prevent delays from happening before they start is with proper study protocol setup. A CTMS can create protocols based on a study’s most essential information that create clear guidelines for all who take part in the study completion process. Managing organizations can even create protocols centrally within a CTMS and distribute them to their partnering sites, ensuring that all sites are working off of the same protocol.

Understanding Your Market for a Particular Study

Accepting a study without knowing how easily you can recruit the right patients sets the study up to fail quickly. When reviewing potential studies, utilize the patient database in your CTMS to search for patients with characteristics necessary for potential studies. Once you have established you have the means to recruit the right amount of patients for a study, use your CTMS and its web recruitment module to advertise the study to the right people and create call lists for those you know may qualify. This way, you can begin to screen the right patients from the start and quickly meet your recruitment goals within your required timeline.

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