Text Me: Using Text Messaging to Increase Patient Recruitment & Engagement

Patient recruitment and retention are two of the most important elements of successful clinical trials. Increasing results in these areas is a constant goal for almost any research business and understanding the best ways to achieve them are critical for success. Clinical trial teams have a number of strategies and tools to increase patient interest, engagement, and retention. Texting, now ubiquitous for almost all other communications, is the latest way to engage with prospective patients and is quickly proving to be one of the most effective and efficient ways to recruit and communicate with potential patients.

When texting is built into trial recruitment, its efficacy increases throughout the entire trial. Using text messaging for recruitment enables a focus on the highest-quality prospects and allows research organizations to determine the overall success of the prospect pool based on early levels of engagement. When prospective patients begin interactions early, their relationship and engagement with the trial team can strengthen—helping with future trial appointments, testing, and other necessary actions for the trial.

Recruiting patients through text is easier and less time-consuming than doing so through phone calls, which helps a CTO better allocate a staff’s time. Since texting is automated based on the trial protocol, the staff is assured that communications are happening correctly without a lot of hands-on management.

After the trial has begun, text messaging can remind clients of upcoming appointments, ask that they fill out surveys, or even deliver incentives such as gift card codes or reminders of payment. Since all of these services are automated, patients can get information and benefits quickly, and the research staff can spend more time with patients. In addition, patients are less likely to miss their appointments if they are being consistently and automatically reminded through texts.

Finally, CCText allows patients to directly communicate with those conducting the trial through two-way chats and confirmations. These communications also comply with HIPAA, as two-way texts through CCText remain secure. When patients know that they have the ability to reach out to those conducting the trial at any time, their satisfaction and retention rate increases.

Case Study

“CCText has allowed us to not only more easily communicate and build rapport with our trial panelists, but it has also enabled us to re-engage with potential panelists we haven’t worked with in a number of months or even years.”

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