Technology Integration – CTMS & EDC

Clinical research is enveloped in an array of technologies, and two of the most well-known are CTMS and EDC applications. Both offer powerful functionality on their own; but together, much more is capable and organizations can receive numerous benefits that affect operations in a variety of ways.

Elimination of Duplicate Data

By syncing together your CTMS and EDC, you eliminate unnecessary duplicate data entry that wastes time and money. Without having to waste time on this, you can avoid trial delays and keep your visits on schedule.

Improved Data Consistency

With two separate systems, the same data could be entered in different ways. When the time comes to analyze your data, inconsistencies may make the data incomplete or even unusable. A CTMS linked with an EDC application helps ensure all similar data in both systems is entered the same way.

Data Aggregation and Analysis

By having access to CTMS and EDC data in one place, you can create a wealth of reports that provide more depth than what would have been possible when the systems were separated. These reports provide information that is more actionable and accurate. What’s more, this data can be used after a particular study is completed. Previous study data can be used for better forecasting and selecting future trials.

The Full Picture

CTMS and EDC applications give you two invaluable, yet different, pictures of your research environment. By linking the two applications together, you are faced with the complete picture and given access to data and analysis you wouldn’t have if the systems were separated.

See Our CTMS In Action

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