Stand Out During Site Selection

Site selection is a critical piece of your research business’ success. Given increased competition amongst research sites, sponsors are in control and your job is to maximize opportunities for them to select your team. Above all, sponsors want a site partner that can offer efficiency and effectiveness. This includes meeting (and exceeding) enrollment goals, demonstrated study experience, ready access to patient population, qualified staff, a clean audit history, and sites able to begin work quickly. 

Understanding that sponsors are feeling pressure to choose the best sites, here are some tips to ensure you stand out during the site selection process. 

  1. Take the Questionnaire Seriously. The sponsor took time to construct the CDA or questionnaire based on their study requirements; respond to each question thoughtfully and comprehensively to illustrate you understand both their needs and that you respect their process. Make sure the questionnaire is reviewed carefully and that you’ve included the most important information to set your site apart from competitors (i.e., more doesn’t necessarily equal better.). Keep all of your selection information and data in a centralized location so you can complete the necessary submissions quickly.
  2. Underpromise and Overdeliver. Promising a high recruitment number might help you get an initial contract, but if you can’t deliver upon that promise, your site loses out in the long run. Expertly explain your recruitment strategy and how your site prepares for realistic enrollment. 
  3. Anticipate Red Flags. There will undoubtedly be questionnaire items that might raise concerns about your site’s qualifications. One word answers and those that obfuscate the actual work your site completed will not help to secure that contract. Be ready to provide strong answers that show sponsors how you approach challenges, mitigate risks, and will work with them to address any study requirements.

Approaching the selection process as a partnership opportunity — your site and the sponsor working together over the long-term to reach collective goals – will set you apart and maximize your site selections. Find out more about setting your organization apart to win more site awards for in our latest webinar: 5 ‘Must-Knows’ to Ensure Your Site Stands Out During the Site Selection Process.



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