Speed Up Your Site’s Recruitment

As the exclusion criteria for new studies continue to become larger than ever, sites are challenged more and more to find the right number of the right patients for their trials. These difficulties are expounded as timelines and budgets become restrictive; as a result, sites are often faced with losing money on a trial or passing on the business. Luckily, there are ways to utilize technology to make traditional recruitment means more effective, and as new ways to bring patients to your trials. Here are a few of our favorites:

Quick Query Functionality

The first place you should look for patients should be your database. You can filter your EMR database for patients based on certain criteria and find the ideal patients in your network. If your EMR integrates with your CTMS, you can create call lists and quickly being your prescreening process. We all know, however, that finding everyone you need for a trial in your own database is unlikely, which is why we have a few other recommendations.

Tracking Ad Channel Effectiveness

Your site will likely have to utilize some of your time (and your budget) to create traditional ads for various channels in your community. This can quickly become an expensive endeavor that does not promise a good response. Fortunately, your CTMS tracks past study data. Before recruiting for a study, you and your team can look back to similar studies (or past studies with a similar patient demographic) to determine which traditional ad channels yielded the best response for that audience. This knowledge lets you know the ad money you’re going to spend will provide a better return. What’s more, this data can be used for negotiations with sponsors as well!


As a site, you should be actively involved in your community, building relationships with other physicians, and getting your name out as an organization that is committed to bettering your community. By taking the time to build these relationships, more physicians will have your organization as a top-of-mind resource for their patients. This will make them more likely to refer their patients to your business. Even without direct affiliations or partnerships, networking within your community works wonders for your business in the long-term.

New Technology

Healthcare companies realize patient recruitment is becoming a problem area in clinical trials, and more solutions come to the market each year. Some offer a quantitative approach by providing you lists of people with similar demographic information required for your trial. Other solutions take a qualitative approach by networking physicians together and creating a portal where they can locate trials in their area, educate themselves on the criteria and recommend the trial to their patients who fit the description.

No matter what methods you employ, taking a strategic, data-driven approach to your enrollment will help your organization remain profitable with the research you conduct and increase your efficiency during the early stages of the trial.

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