Solidify Study Relationships with a CTMS

Conducting a study involves a wide array of partners, and the process of working together isn’t always easy. Organizations are often under deadlines from other organizations involved with a study, and any delays or lapses in quality can create a ripple effect of poor trial performance. Sponsors, CROs, hospitals, networks and research sites are just a few of the organization types involved in this process. If used, a CTMS can be the one piece of technology where all parties can communicate more easily. With a CTMS, you can strengthen your relationships with your study partners and facilitate quality study processes in a variety of ways:

Multi-Organization Access

A CTMS can bring together a variety of organizations in a variety of ways. For example, multiple sites can have the same trial linked in a CTMS, and a CRO or central office in a site network can track performance metrics and generate the information they need. What’s more, some of the best CTMS applications can even give sponsors, IRBs, labs, external sites, or other organizations access to relevant trial information they need for their study roles via partner portals.

Financial Functionality

Not all organizations get paid at the same time during a study. A CTMS can track both incoming and outgoing payments to patients and between organizations. With a CTMS, missed, late or incorrect payments become rare, allowing everyone involved with the trial to operate with the necessary funds.

Real-Time Information Access

Without a CTMS, information may be sent via email or other file-sharing technologies. These methods are limiting, in that they only provide a “snapshot in time” perspective on trial information. A CTMS is a platform capable of generating many reports that always contain the most up-to-date trial data. This means that organizations involved in a study simply have to run a report to see exactly there the trial stands at that moment.