Remote Clinical Trial Monitoring Checklist

Ensure You Have Everything You Need for Remote Trial Visits

Strong eClinical platforms, sponsor demands, regulatory process updates, and the current research environment have made decentralized trial management more accessible to clinical sites than ever. Remote monitoring – and its implications for how long and how costly a trial will ultimately be – is a central element of remote trial success time. Use this checklist to ensure your site has all of the elements needed for remote monitoring:

  • My site can track research progress both at the central office and remote site(s) through an integrated and comprehensive process
  • Our system automates data entry coming directly from patient wearables, diaries, and telehealth visits
  • We have video conferencing tools that are designed with compliance in mind
  • Our team can easily share documents with patients, sponsors, and regulators
  • Our system includes specific tools for recruitment, enrollment & patient visit monitoring
  • All monitoring data is cloud-based, digital, and accessible from any location from multiple devices
  • We use integrated social media, text, video, and email communications to increase recruiting efforts 
  • My site maximizes retention using tools that engage with patients no matter where they are
  • Monitors can easily review real-time data to assess trial-specific inclusion/exclusion criteria 
  • Site monitors can remotely ensure all randomized subjects meet eligibility requirements and verify that medical records are filed correctly 
  • Our end-to-end informed consent process is fully digitized, automatically tracked within our CTMS,  and able to be accessed remotely by patients and monitors
  • We’re able to verify source data in parallel with our EDC entry from any remote location and ensure that our site verifying that our site is following ALCOA
  • Monitors can review if all medical licenses and training are up-to-date 
  • Our site log captures SAE/AE occurrences and aligned reporting/approval requirements, including AE Log Forms, Protocol Deviation Logs and Screening Enrollment Logs

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