Tackling Compliance Bottlenecks

How clinical research sites handle compliance issues is perhaps the most critical aspect of their profession. Understanding and mitigating compliance risks not only ensure the highest level of patient safety and care, but are also necessary for all partnerships, funding and government oversight elements of a research business. With patient data security and safety concerns […]

Demonstrating Your Value to Sponsors

Understanding what sponsors want from their relationships with both CTOs and specific sites boils down to one thing: reducing risk. Enrolling and retaining patients is a long process that’s also the most critical component of a successful trial. Sponsors want to be ensured that performance is being monitored and reported upon accurately so they can […]

Text Me: Using Text Messaging to Increase Patient Recruitment & Engagement

Patient recruitment and retention are two of the most important elements of successful clinical trials. Increasing results in these areas is a constant goal for almost any research business and understanding the best ways to achieve them are critical for success. Clinical trial teams have a number of strategies and tools to increase patient interest, […]

6 Questions to Ask When Trying to Tackle Inefficiencies in Your Research Business

There are likely a number of inefficient processes across your research organization. Developing a list of problem areas is the first step to mitigating these inefficiencies. Here are six questions that will help you and your team establish a comprehensive and actionable list of areas for improvement: Is my team able to track recruitment, enrollment, […]

Realizing Real Recruitment & Retention Results

Recruitment and retention of patients are one of the largest barriers standing in the way of successful clinical trials. 75 percent of clinics fail to enroll their target number of subjects, and 90 percent of all clinical trials worldwide fail to enroll patients within the target amount of time (source for both). Understanding how your site […]

3 Popular Models to Pay Your PIs, and Remain Compliant

You may have asked this question, or some variation of it, before: “How much should we pay principal investigators for their work on a clinical trial?” Principal Investigators (PIs) are the lifeblood of your research operations. They aren’t paid by third-party payers for research-related activities, nor are they compensated any other way for their tasks. […]

A Guide to Patient Payment Best Practices

In the world of clinical trials, researchers and patients often approach studies from different perspectives. Researchers want a successful go-to-market product or publishable finding; patients want to know how the study will help their health, and how much they will get paid. This disconnect can be problematic when it comes to ensuring accurate and timely […]

Improve Trial Funnel and ROI Results with eConsent

Consent and patient comprehension are two of the key pillars for successful trial management. And while this technology isn’t necessarily new, it is experiencing increased adoption by both CTOs and regulators across the globe. A recent study showed that 20% of trials are expected to use eConsent in the next three years and 25% of […]

Create a Successful Billing Compliance Program This Year

With the start of a new fiscal year, there are important steps you need to take to build a successful clinical trial billing compliance program. The following information will help you develop procedures for handling any reimbursement issues that arise. Evaluate Your Current State When developing an effective compliance program, you’ll need to establish a […]

Optimize Your Research Program Through Structure and Staffing

The benefits of having a research program within your organization are both direct and indirect. The obvious direct benefit is the financial value created by providing a revenue stream, attracting new patients, and increasing ancillary services. Indirectly, having a research program not only enhances the site’s visibility but also increases market share and improves community […]