Increasing Clinical Trial Patient Diversity

Attaining a diverse trial patient population is crucial to your site’s success. It is possible the treatments your trial is putting to the test may affect people from varying racial, ethnic, and age groups differently. However, your sponsors won’t know if that’s the case unless your trial team is able to reach, recruit and retain a group of participants that mirrors the diversity of the population you’re working with.

Bringing in patients from different backgrounds requires a certain degree of effort and awareness on the part of clinical trial managers. Here are a few areas where your team should focus to achieve a greater level of diversity in potential trial candidate group.

  • Build trust. Leeriness of medical professionals, unfortunately, is common in many minority cultures. Work to increase awareness and minimize distrust, and patients from such cultures become more likely to sign on.
  • Work with doctors. Physicians that serve communities you are working to increase participation from can help with outreach. They can explain what a clinical trial is, outline the benefits, and increase their comfort with the process.
  • Talk to advocates. Groups that work with and for specific minority populations have a unique relationship with those people. Representatives of these organizations can help you build a connection with such people, and inform you of their needs.
  • Clearing obstacles. Taking part in a trial can require a patient to incur expenses—transportation, childcare, missed work and more. Finding solutions that help alleviate the economic burden can increase chances of participation.
  • Expanding recruitment. Your current marketing and outreach work may not be getting in front of a diverse enough area of recruits. Consider expanding your messaging to different geographic areas, or using different advertising avenues.

Increasing the diversity of your patient pool will lead to better trial results, and increased satisfaction among your sponsors. For more information on recruiting and retaining a more diverse patient population, download our latest guide.

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