How Will 2021 Impact Clinical Research Trials

If you haven’t already, it’s time to start clinical research trial planning for 2021 and beyond. The next years’ unique healthcare environment offers enormous opportunities for clinical trial sites, but only if they carefully evaluate their business needs and deploy solutions that maximize their readiness to act upon them. Research leaders and clinical site teams should pay particular attention to these trends that will heavily impact the industry.

Biggest impacts on clinical trials in 2021

  • Big data will put a focus on analytic-based decision making
  • Expiring patents will more pressure on pharma to deliver biosimilar alternatives and clinical research sites to test them quickly  
  • AI will revolutionize trial recruitment 
  • Patient-centric clinical trials will necessitate new ways to foster engagement
  • Increased electronic assessment will put a heavier focus on real-time reporting 
  • A continued interest from media and consumer interest in pharma developments will shine a spotlight on R&D and clinical research work

Take a deep dive into 2021 Clinical trial trends

To read a comprehensive assessment of these and other trends, and discover how to prepare your site for the upcoming year, download our latest guide 2021 Trends That Will Impact Clinical Trials. 

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