How to Get More Studies for Your Site

Building business is a challenge that never goes away. It’s very rare that business (more studies) is brought to your site at random, and expecting this is often the first step towards a failing business. Having worked with successful research sites around the world, we have pooled together a few high-level best practices many sites have employed to help ensure a strong pipeline of research studies. Hopefully these tips prove helpful to you and your organization!

Cultivate Your Current Relationships

In the research world, your organization likely works with a variety of partners. After a study is completed, it’s common to lose connection; and oftentimes, connection isn’t restored until a study or another project comes up.

Successful sites keep open lines of communication and build relationships with their research partners (sponsors, CROs, IRBs, etc.) throughout the year. What results from this is a top-of-mind status, which means your site might be the first site offered an upcoming study.

Build on Your Areas of Expertise

It’s hard to be a “jack of all trades” in clinical research. Most sites understand they excel in certain types of studies. It’s important to understand your site’s strong areas and build on those. Become the renowned research venue for a few specific therapies in your area. Work with partners to publish peer-reviewed articles, start a blog, speak at conferences and empower your team to become thought leaders. Your expertise will aid in business coming your way!

Be Easy to Work With

Regardless of your industry expertise or your partner connections, if your site proves difficult to work with, you will quickly see new study offers come to a halt. It’s important to keep some flexibility throughout the study without giving into every request. What’s more, make sure there is constant communication coming from all sides. If you need help or more time on a deliverable, make sure to inform everyone. If your partners are lagging on something, send reminders or requests for updates to keep everything moving.

Seek Out New Partners

With all of this relationship building, it’s also wise to send your team to industry events to meet new potential business partners and to experience more of what is going on in the industry. In addition to providing your organization with an invaluable dose of perspective, it gives you essential face-to-face time with other organizations who would possibly bring additional studies to your site.

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