How to Engage Diverse Clinical Trials Using Text

Attracting a diverse population of patients for a clinical trial is critical for healthcare innovation, patient health, and long-term community wellness. Research trials need to draw in a diverse group of patients to ensure a drug’s effectiveness for the entire population and uncover possible hurdles for different segments of society. Unfortunately, the industry is falling short. Recent studies show that while African Americans comprise 20% of multiple myeloma patients in the US and are about two times as likely as white Americans to receive a diagnosis, they make up merely 4.5% of clinical trials conducted since 2003. So how can your site maximize diversity and ensure underserved populations are part of your trial research? One solution is in the palm of all of our hands – texting. 

Fast and Easy Communication for Better Patient Engagement

Texting can help improve engagement with diverse populations for a number of reasons. A texting-enabled CTMS allows updates and other communication delivery to geographically dispersed and diverse participants. These tools provide the ability to mass text an entire group and capture data within the trial management system, making the process more efficient and effective. Texting is an easily updated and automated vehicle that most people are incredibly comfortable using. There’s no technological learning curve; communication via text is readily available and relatable for many different audiences. The ability to have ongoing, two-way communications can help with recruitment and make participants feel more engaged throughout the trial for better retention metrics. 

Texting is an effective means to make your patients feel like they’re getting 1:1 attention. For texting and all other trial communications, it’s critical that your site instills trust with the diverse communities to which you are outreaching. Patients that come from a certain background tend to feel more at ease with people from similar backgrounds. When that need is met, they are more likely to engage with your site and be open to participating in trial work.  Recruit staff that reflects the diversity of the community with which you work and engage them in the communications process to ensure different voices are integrated into the messaging. 

Meeting clinical trial diversity goals will require contributions from across the medical community. To learn how to make strides through your research site’s work, download our newest guide, ”Increasing Clinical Trial Patient Diversity.”

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