How Much Can Your Site Save with a Switch to eReg?

Many clinical research offices still rely on paper data collection, but a growing number are shifting from outdated paper binders to easily accessed digital files for regulatory management. Sites that have shifted to digital solutions for regulatory management have seen increased savings both in terms of optimized resources and operational costs 

Switching to digital regulatory management 

Traditionally, important regulatory information has been stored in a series of massive, heavy binders that take up premium office storage space and increase staff work managing the paper system. CCeReg is a comprehensive 21 CFR Part 11 compliant electronic regulatory document management solution that helps research organizations ensure regulatory compliance, eliminate the cost and inefficiency of paper binders and maintain audit readiness. 

Save with the eReg Calculator 

Clinical research trial leaders can get insight into how their site can save on regulatory management with an online eReg calculator. This simple yet highly effective tool will incorporate staff data (both headcount and hourly pay rates), trials under management per year, estimates on paper record management and administrative work, travel considerations, and all-in binder costs to calculate annual savings. With this data, site managers can evaluate the next steps in eReg deployment that make sense for their bottom line. 

See CCTrialSuite In Action

CCTrialSuite has the only Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) that cuts out the complexity in clinical trial software with tools designed to work for clinical trials.