Have Prosperous Partnerships with CTMS Portals

Clinical research is becoming more collaborative than ever, which is a great thing because rather than businesses trying to be an all-in-one solution, organizations have the opportunity to partner with other niche-focused organizations. For all parties involved in the research process, this means an increase in quality and more attention to detail. Partnerships do, however, present the potential for lapses in communication. Fortunately, great clinical trial management systems offer a solution to mitigate this issue – partner portals. Partner portals are a unique way to bring all of your research partners together with one instance of a CTMS by giving them access to only the necessary trial information they need to complete their portion of the study. Your partners can be any type of research organization (research sites, CROs, sponsors, IRBs, Labs, Monitors, etc.) and a great CTMS can create unique portals for all of your partners, speeding up the trial process and ensuring maximum quality and ROI on your studies. Here are some reasons you should be looking for CTMS portals to improve your research partnerships:

Link internal and external partners

Partner portals are a great tool for bringing together all of the organizations and locations within your organization, as well as all of your external partners. Portals can give each entity a separate login that also specifies what information each organization can access.

Real-time information sharing

As you update your study information, the same relevant information can be seen by each of your partners through their portal. This eliminates the risk of operating off of outdated information that used to be communicated via email or other channels. What’s more, any information uploaded by your partners can also be accessed by your team – keeping the trial up to date and on schedule.

Communications tracking

As the organization managing the portals, you have the ability to see when your partners last accessed the portal. This feature allows you to ensure your partners are working within their deadlines and gives you the power to address any lapses in communication before serious issues arise.

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