Four Critical CT Data Points

Efficiency is key in clinical trials, and one way to derail those streamlined trials is to waste time on non-critical data points. If a site and sponsor expend energy gathering information that isn’t vital, they have less time to discern and apply the metrics that matter. A few of those important data points include:

  1. Pinpointing patients. Clinical trials cannot exist without the people, so patient recruitment and retention are essential figures to track. Important statistics like patients screened, enrolled and successfully completed are key.  See how New Horizons Clinical Research cut recruitment costs in half using data.
  2. Counting costs. Budget and financial feasibility always present a concern for site managers and sponsors. Track the site’s bottom line, compare different sites and look across networks to examine opportunities to realize greater efficiencies. Learn how Davita Kidney Care centralized financial data for 150 sites.
  3. Managing projects. Variances in how your team manages resources across sites leads to non-standard, unusable results. Getting a better handle on project management ensures your trials are created in a timely, cost-effective manner, with acceptable results. Sterling Research organizes its research data to better manage projects, leading to 53% increase in sponsor funding. 
  4. Checking compliance. Government and industry regulations mandate that managers closely monitor the clinical trial process and make sure they never fall out of line with regulations. Clinical trial software can prove a powerful resource in tracking, and reporting. JBR Clinical Research innovates protocol tracking and adherence using Clinical Conductor.

These data points should be a top priority for site managers. Sponsors rely upon these types of figures when analyzing site data and determining which clinical trial site is deserving of an award. To find out how to make the most of the information you’ve collected, read Maximize Sponsor Support Using Data here.


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