Focusing on Patient Experience Can Result in Successful Clinical Trials

Patient experience in clinical trials

Renewing your focus on patient experience can have a significant impact on your trial work, recruitment and retention metrics, and RFP win rate. While there are many ways to operationalize patient experience, deploying digital consent capabilities has a number of benefits for patients, trial staff, and research sites alike. In terms of patient experience, an eConsent platform both improves the ease at which they engage and increases comprehension among study participants. 

Focusing upon these elements while evaluating and deploying your eConsent solution can maximize trial and business success:

Improve Patient Ease of Use

  • Allows participants to use their own devices on which they’re comfortable
  • Enables remote consent 
  • Allows the site and patient to easily share signed copies and updates to consent information
  • Gives patients time to fully read and discuss consent with their family or primary care doctor

Increase Patient Comprehension

  • Provides comprehensive glossaries, and definitions for all terms in the consent documents
  • Can be supplemented with multimedia elements like video 
  • Includes comprehension tests to validate patient understanding
  • Provides a format that’s easy-to-read with clear update notifications

The Power of eConsent for Clinical Trial Patient Experience

Sites can also leverage eConsent to improve compliance, quality, and reporting. Learn more and get a demo by viewing our webinar “Putting Patient Experience First with CCeConsent.”

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