Evaluating & Preparing for Change

Making organizational change is typically done at key junctures in a specific organization’s own business or industry. Recently, the need to enact sweeping change has been imperative across all organizations throughout the world. Large or small, public or private, companies’ goals, constraints, and even their very business model has needed to pivot. Given this global shift, change management – how to prepare, support, and help make change — is more important than ever.

Many clinical research sites are deploying new solutions like CTMS or eClinical tools to help them make trials more efficient, effective, profitable, and manageable in multi-site or remote settings during this time. Change management helps make that deployment successful, addressing individual, team, and organizational needs in an intentional and strategic way. 

This work is a process, the first steps of which are evaluating and preparing for change management. Here are initial tasks for a clinical research site as they begin to deploy new softwares and procedures for the future:

  • Define the change and why it must occur
  • Develop and communicate a clear vision of the future state
  • Determine the key stakeholders and who will be affected
  • Assess organization’s culture, capacity and readiness for change
  • Determine if change leaders understand and are committed to the change
  • Assess risks, identify actions that promote progress

Change management has the ability to drive lasting change, improve immediate business outcomes, and improve overall adoption, effectiveness and sustainability of new clinical trial management software. Check out our “Change Management: The ACMP Standard and Pathways to Success” webinar for more information on and see our CTMS in action.

See Our CTMS In Action

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