Enhance your Patient Recruitment with a CTMS

If you are using a great CTMS, then there will be patient recruitment features included to help enroll patients in your clinical trials. Using these features allows research organizations to directly target potential trial patients. Increase efficiency and reduce costs by using your CTMS to enhance recruitment.

Traditionally, patient recruitment is done through standard media channels: radio, print and (sometimes) TV. These channels can broadcast your need for trial patients to a wide audience, but there are no specific targeting capabilities, and viewers are unlikely to remember seeing your advertisement. What’s more, with traditional channels, there is not enough time or space to specifically highlight what the trial entails. This means that those responding to your ads may misunderstand the trial requirements or may not be eligible, thus wasting time and money. Trying to use traditional email is difficult, because you may have no way of separating your patient databases by medical history, and social media recruitment can result in non-compliance and potentially cause problems for the trial later on either with your IRB or other regulatory bodies. With so many difficulties trying to recruit patients for clinical trials, it’s a wonder why sites and other research organizations don’t use a CTMS application to streamline their patient recruitment.

With a CTMS, you can use the patient recruitment features to filter patients simultaneously based on multiple variables, selected from a wide variety of patient characteristics, and send them a detailed message about relevant trials in which they would be a qualified participant. The greatest aspects of patient recruitment in a CTMS are the web recruitment capabilities. CTMS applications can integrate with your website and allow potential patients to pre-screen themselves, making recruitment even easier by letting patients come to you. CTMS patient recruitment also lets you call or email patients and give them detailed trial information that cannot be placed on a print, TV or radio advertisement. CTMS applications have the opportunity to streamline the recruitment process more than any other software.

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