eClinical 101

If a technology tool can empower a clinical trial site manager to accomplish their job more efficiently, effectively and economically, it’s a tool well worth considering. eClinical is just such a resource. The technology provides site managers with a suite of solutions that streamline data collection, patient consent, compliance, information sharing and much more. 

What is eClinical?

eClinical is a bundle of integrated applications that increase accuracy of information, efficiency of data gathering and sharing, ease of regulatory management and other aspects of clinical trial site management. Working together, these applications allow sites to digitize and automate clinical operations management under one convenient umbrella. Site managers can deploy either one eClinical component or maximize its benefits by using an entire suite. eClinical components each perform specific functions and are a powerful tool to address many needs within an operation. These components include:

  • Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS): This software enables clinical trial site managers to standardize and control site performance, reporting, collaboration, supply chains, regulatory documents and manage data.
  • eSource: Through direct digital collection of data, this tool creates an original record of important information, leading to greater accuracy and efficiency.
  • eRegulatory: While regulatory information normally is stored in unwieldy binders, this solution digitizes the data and houses it in a user-friendly digital infrastructure, making it easier to use and less space-consuming
  • eConsent: This obtains a patient’s informed consent through an easy-to-use interface.

Implementing eClinical technology makes it possible to maximize site staff productivity, improve communication between sites and sponsors, create a more robust data stream, and manage compliance. Because the solution improves efficiency across an operation, it frees up valuable time and resources that can be spent on other high-priority tasks.

Benefits of eClinical

Traditional systems that rely on paper forms and outdated computer systems lead to inaccurate data, wasted work, overall inefficiency and other frustrating problems. eClinical provides site managers with a solution offering better data quality, improved speed, and increased flexibility. 

What’s more, eClinical’s improved information connectivity leads to better communication among site staff, with patients and with sponsors. Features like real-time data and document sharing enable site managers to work more effectively with site teams, processes and workflows to make sure data is aligned and compliant. The technology is designed to help site managers deliver better results and achieve greater sponsor satisfaction.

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