Does Your Research Site Need a Website? YES!

If you are a brand new site or a seasoned research organization having a website is critically important. It is the public face of your company and is usually the first interaction most people will have with your organization. This is why it is important to not only have a website, but one that effectively conveys who you are as an organization. Let’s take a look at a few primary reasons why having a website it so important.


Credibility is very important for building trust between patients and business partners. While it is ultimately the experience people have when interacting with your origination that determines your credibility, having a website it a great way to enhance your credibility in both the eyes of patients and potential partners. Websites are an important tool for building credibility because it is the public face of your organization. In today’s world, having a website is the norm, while not having one often is a point of confusion. As was mentioned previously, a company’s website it often the first point of interaction between the public and the company. If you don’t have a website, people can’t get a feel for your organization and may not feel as comfortable. Ensuring that potential patients are comfortable is always important, but even more so in a healthcare environment.

Not having a website can also be detrimental to your credibility with potential partners. Study sponsors may be reluctant to work with your organization if they can’t get a good feel of your mindset and capabilities.

Patient Recruitment

Another reason why having a website it critical, is because it helps to improve patient recruitment. It is able to do this in a number of ways. First, you can list all of your currently enrolling studies and their enrollment criteria on your website so everybody who visits can see what is available. Additionally, if you have a CTMS that allows for web-based recruitment, you can link all of your posted studies on your website with the system and automatically pre-screen candidates and give your recruiters a hot list of prospects to call. A website is a great recruitment tool because of its low cost and the fact that it recruits 24/7.

Expanding Your Reach

Websites are also great tools for expanding your organization’s reach beyond your local market. Filling enrolling each study is important, so it is important to be able to reach potential patients who are a bit further away than your local area. A website it a great way to do this. It is a permanent billboard for your organization and allows you to reach others you might not reach with traditional marketing and advertising methods.

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