Do You Have the Right Technology Stack to Conduct a Profitable Hybrid Clinical Trial?

Hybrid Clinical Trials With the Right Technology

Hybrid studies are here to stay and the most successful clinical research sites are optimizing their operations, knowing it will lead to sponsor RFP and revenue-generating success. They also know that investing in the right tools will help them achieve their current and future goals. 

Being able to successfully conduct hybrid clinical trials requires leveraging the right technology for the appropriate tasks:

Patient Recruitment

Hybrid trial recruitment relies heavily on social media, email campaigns, text messages, ads, and telephone calls. Sites that deploy two-way texting and live video engagement tools, ideally both linked to their CTMS, are well-positioned to win the recruiting race. Recruitment in a hybrid environment also necessitates high-quality data tracking capabilities to manage your prospect pool. Ensure your CTMS allows you to easily visualize this data and harness it for appropriate recruiting outreach.  

Patient Consent

 Even when patients were on-site, consent capture and version-tracking were a challenge for clinical trial research teams. In a hybrid environment, paper consent is just not a viable process. eConsent technology captures and centrally stores essential form completions and eSignatures obtained during a remote workflow. Research teams can not only track the date and version of the ICF, they can also use it as a compliance tool to verify

which patients are on study and have been correctly consented. eConsent capabilities should also enable your site to share these electronic records with the IRB, ensuring compliance.

Source Data Verification (SDV), Review (SDR) & Monitoring

Efficient hybrid trials are designed to mitigate human error and ensure that trial staff, sponsors, and regulators have access to the most up-to-date information. The right eSource technology provides a monitor with easy, secure access to a portal with sponsor-only subject data, protocol-specific fields of data closest to the actual source. The best eSource solutions can also show a reduction in the number of queries and potential protocol deviations even before the data is shared.

Regulatory Approval

Sites that leverage eReg solutions to support their hybrid trials typically experience more efficient processes and effective outcomes. This cloud-based regulatory document management tool helps ensure hybrid research documentation meets quality and compliance standards. It also ensures faster data availability to sponsors from a centralized remote source, speeding up payments. The secure, remote role-based access, query, and eSignature processes help sites complete studies faster with increased oversight and more efficient organization of documents and binders.

We have numerous resources to help your site prepare, optimize, and expand your hybrid study capabilities. Check out our Hybrid Studies Whitepaper, Remote Trial Resource Center, or contact us for a demo of CCTrialSuite that encompasses CTMS, text, video, and comprehensive eClinical solutions.

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