Demonstrating Your Value to Sponsors

Understanding what sponsors want from their relationships with both CTOs and specific sites boils down to one thing: reducing risk. Enrolling and retaining patients is a long process that’s also the most critical component of a successful trial. Sponsors want to be ensured that performance is being monitored and reported upon accurately so they can leverage past results to make decisions about future partnerships. Providing your sponsors with predictability and reliability can set your organization apart and make it a loyal partner of choice.

When reviewing possible partners, sponsors should be able to easily understand how your site can provide predictable, reliable clinical trial results. Demonstrating how your team approaches enrollment, especially how you track, record, and organize data, will help potential sponsors realize how working with your organization mitigates their risk. Include information on how your site determines which recruitment and retention efforts are the most effective and how you’ve used data analytics to understand how elements like patient demographics or compliance parameters play a role in recruitment efforts. Show your organization’s reliable history within specific indications, outline meeting enrollment, and report average cycle times for the body of historical work. Once sponsors understand your approach, they’ll be able to envision results for their work with you as their research partner.

Often CRO’s with multiple sites tout the “one stop shop” they can provide as a benefit to sponsors. However, sponsors are spending much of their time and resources aggregating data from different sites and often, sponsors know more about site performance than the clinical trial organization itself because of a lack of tracking metrics, or because there isn’t enough data to defend and validate the findings. Differentiate your site further by illustrating how you can connect sponsors with complete data, so they don’t have to put the puzzle together themselves. Leveraging a powerful CTMS can help you provide complete data sets of accurate, actionable information so sponsors can clearly see the added value working with you provides to their bottom line.

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