CTMS: Taking Chaos Away from Your Coordinators

Study coordinators are overworked. Everyone in clinical research knows this, but there’s not much that can be done since their jobs require them to do so much. What’s worse, coordinators often have to accomplish their multitude of tasks on a tight deadline and a tight budget. A CTMS doesn’t eliminate tasks on their to-do list, but it can help streamline their processes and make their jobs easier. Here are just some ways a CTMS can help research coordinators tackle all of their required tasks:

Streamline Recruitment

CTMS technology can help coordinators know where to best attract patients of a specific demographic thanks to past study data that has been tracked. Over time, coordinators won’t have to waste time creating advertisements and spending money on ineffective recruitment channels. Patient databases can also be searched and filtered to find potential parents and create targeted call lists. What’s more, CTMS web recruitment modules can bring the right patients to your coordinators.

Fast Financials

The most valuable CTMS applications are the ones with the most robust and granular financial tools. Coordinators can use these tools to effortlessly set up budgets past on past trial information. From there, your coordinators can use reports to monitor all visits and procedures to determine that everything is on budget. What’s more, coordinators can easily create real-time financial reports that are both clear actionable.

Document Management

Studies come with a lot of documents. A CTMS makes it simple for your coordinators to store all the essential documents for a study directly within the CTMS. These documents can be accessed whenever they are required and updated at any time. Document management eliminates the risk that old versions are used or that documents could be lost. What’s more, documents can even be accessed by other research partners directly within the CTMS.

Keeping Up-to-Date on Patient Consent

Your coordinators have to always be aware which patients have and have not signed the latest version of a study’s consent form. If not, a multitude of consequences can occur that cost money and ruin the quality or validity of your trial data. A CTMS can easily alert your coordinators to the consent form version each patient has signed, so they can update the patients who have fallen behind.

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