CROs Are Busy … How CTMS Software Ensures Effective Multi-Site Studies

Multi-site studies offer numerous benefits and significant challenges for CROs. By choosing to use several locations for a single study, Contract Research Organizations can enlarge their participant pool and the number of industry leaders with whom they can collaborate, while also reducing the time required to complete the study.

Unfortunately, this approach can increase problems as well—particularly from a communication and consistency standpoint. CTMS software is key to avoiding this.

Multiple Sites, Single Solution

High-quality, accurate data is necessary for any research. For multi-site studies, the protocols and processes for collecting valid data can be outlined via in-person strategies at individual locations. Activities like kickoff meetings and ongoing check-ins allow staff to work together to define and review the standard operating procedures that will drive how they conduct their research.

However, with researchers spread across multiple sites—and potentially at institutions far from one another—conducting regular meetings can range from impractical to impossible on a day-to-day, subject-to-subject basis. The right clinical trial management system, or CTMS, breaks down such barriers, offering a centralized location for study communication, reporting, and evaluation.

Coordinate with CTMS Software

CTMS software removes multi-site ambiguity and enables clear communication and record-keeping processes for external collaborators. This is especially important for CROs starting new multi-site research studies, or CROs expanding into new markets. In addition to meeting general requirements for setting up a multi-site study, new sites face a steep learning curve figuring out how to work with new stakeholders who are often far away, in other time zones or countries.

The CTMS accelerates this process by offering a unified location to store and access necessary documentation and study-related communications. This organizes research while also making it easy for sites to instantly share and view important items across multiple sites. For instance, if a study’s protocol shifts, the CTMS provides a quick, efficient way for CRO project managers to add amendments and pass them along to all sites in the trial simultaneously.

Increase Participant Pools

A CTMS offers other benefits that can allow for a more impactful multi-site study. For instance, as mentioned before, multi-site studies enable larger participant pools. For studies with a small patient population, having employing sites at multiple locations can increase access to applicable subjects. CTMS software helps recruit and retain more of those potential participants in less time.

The CTMS allows organizations to attract new subjects through methods like online recruitment. For sites, once patients have been recruited, the software acts as a single database for maintaining their information. By using this, site recruiters can easily search for and identify potential subjects for upcoming studies, as well as create call lists to reach them—setting future studies up for success and enhancing clinical research operations overall.

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