The Cancer MoonShot Initiative and the Future of Oncology Clinical Research

Last year, Cancer MoonShot 2020 was introduced as the world’s most comprehensive cancer collaborative initiative. In his 2016 State of the Union Address, former-President Obama called on former-Vice President Biden to lead this new, national program to dramatically accelerate efforts to prevent, diagnose, and treat cancer—to achieve a decade’s worth of progress in 5 years. The initiative also seeks to accelerate cancer research to make therapies more available to more patients, while improving the technology to prevent cancer and detect it at an early stage.

Clinical trials for cancer research is a challenging endeavor. In a survey conducted by ACCC and Lilly Oncology, 83% of participants stated that the cost of cancer care drugs was the top challenge cancer research programs faced in 2016. Other challenges included reimbursement of non-revenue producing services that improve patient care, transparency in commercial insurance policies, the need for physicians and mid-level providers to focus on direct patient care and increased funding for cancer research and clinical trials.

One of the strategic goals of MoonShot is to accelerate bringing new therapies to patients. The process for producing and sending lifesaving products to oncology clinics is poised to change. Research sites have been given access to new and innovative strategies for moving an idea from “bench to bedside.” Some of the ways that MoonShot is trying to accelerate the therapy process are:

  • Finding efficiency in the regulatory review and licensing processes;
  • Enhancing data sharing across sectors and incentivizing pre-competitive collaborations
  • Strengthening the oncology clinical research enterprise

One way to increase bring new therapies to patients is to make clinical research trials more accessible to cancer patients. By having the information more readily available to patients and providers, cancer research can increase participation and understanding of the upcoming or on-going clinical trials. MoonShot will make cancer clinical data hosted on available through an API for advocacy groups, academia, and others in the cancer research realm to access directly. This searchable functionality will be tailored to individual communities to bring clinical trial information to more providers, patients and their families. MoonShot seeks to improve the quality and efficiency of clinical research, including by promoting activities focused on helping people find trials, enhancing clinical trial design, and increasing the efficiency of the drug and device development process.

Cancer MoonShot strives to increase the amount of cancer research currently being conducted in the U.S. By giving patients and providers more access to oncology clinical research studies, the medical community can continue to grow their knowledge and understanding of different kinds of cancer and the drugs that could be used to eradicate them.

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