Be a Shining Star: 4 Ways to Becoming a Preferred Site

Research sites are always looks for new studies, so it is important to make sure that your site is viewed favorably in the eyes of sponsor organizations. Being a “preferred” site can go a long way in helping your research site to reach its true clinical and business potential. While there are dozens of ways sites can get on a sponsors “good side,” here are four ways sites can begin to become preferred sites.

Provide Data Specifics

Sponsor organizations, be it a CRO or other management organization, love specifics. The more information you can provide, and the more detailed it is, the happier managing organizations will be with your site. Information that is critical to managing organizations typically revolves around study progress, recruitment metrics and study finances. Being able to provide specific and detailed information about these and other topics increase your favorability in the eyes of managing organizations. Typically, sites have this information at their fingertips are those that use a clinical trial management system (CTMS). These types of systems allow for detailed tracking of all research activities and organize them in easy-to-access ways.

On-Time Reporting 

Nothing annoys managing organizations more than not getting study information in a timely manner. In order to become a preferred site it is important to ensure that you are on track with your study and can easily provide managing organizations with accurate reports at the correct time.

Meet Recruitment Goals

One of the most common reasons for studies to be delayed is because of sites not meeting recruitment goals. Each delay in starting a study costs everybody more money and increases the risk of patients dropping out of the study, this is why it is critical to meet recruitment goals. Sites that meet recruitment goals are looked upon very favorably in the eyes of managing organizations and increase the likelihood of becoming a go-to site for future studies. There are a variety of ways research sites can improve study recruitment, including recruitment services and CTMS.

Show a ROI

Working with a particular site on a study may not seem like it, but it is in investment for the managing organization. Any way that you can help to mitigate risk makes you a more favorable partner that they are more likely to want to work with. A perfect example of this is money the sponsor might provide for advertising. If you can show them the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns and how many people enrolled in a study because of them it makes you a much better partner. Trust is increased which can lead to additional money for other activities.

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