A Comprehensive Resource for Your Site’s Remote Clinical Trial Needs

Adapting to the next stage of clinical trials

In the ever-changing clinical trials landscape, site leaders must adapt strategically and embrace new ways of executing successful research. Even as social distancing measures loosen, remote visits, patient monitoring, and audit activities are likely part of clinical research’s future for years to come. Identifying the distinct and necessary elements of a transition to a remote or hybrid trial environment is one thing. Operationalizing and executing upon those elements, on the other hand, take a comprehensive approach that likely will affect your site, technology stack, processes, and team culture. 

If the past 15 months has taught us anything, it’s that staying operationally viable and attractive to sponsor awards has often meant ensuring the ability to demonstrate remote solutions that engage patients while finding ways to reduce costs. As these challenges will most likely be a part of our lives for many years to come, it is imperative that clinical trial teams are ready to go and stay remote to serve sponsors, patients, and their community. 

All of your remote clinical trial resources in one place

To support your work in this area, we’ve put together a comprehensive resource center focused on the specific elements that can lead to hybrid, remote, and decentralized trial success. The Decentralized Trial Resource Center includes:

Guides to help your team

  • Capitalize on remote trial opportunities that maximize sponsor awards
  • Navigate the transition to remote trial management
  • Understand the elements of a eClinical approach
  • Consider implications as you transition to digital regulatory management
  • Navigate remote monitoring strategies, solutions, and rollout options

Articles covering topics such as:

  • The connection between eConsent & interactive media
  • Engaging geographically dispersed patients
  • The role of home health providers in clinical research

Case studies that document

  • How texting can better engage patients
  • How one site went digital with regulatory management

Two webinars with hands-on eConsent and billing compliance content

A personalized calculator to determine how much your site can save by moving to digital regulatory management 

It’s critical for clinical research leadership to understand how the right platforms can continually and optimally support their site’s transition to a long-term, successful hybrid offering. Check out the resource center now for everything you need to support your remote, hybrid, and decentralized trials.

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