6 Questions to Ask When Trying to Tackle Inefficiencies in Your Research Business

There are likely a number of inefficient processes across your research organization. Developing a list of problem areas is the first step to mitigating these inefficiencies. Here are six questions that will help you and your team establish a comprehensive and actionable list of areas for improvement:

  1. Is my team able to track recruitment, enrollment, and retention metrics and prioritize efforts showing the best results?
  2. Am I able to easily track and visualize complicated clinical trial financial activity to a level of granularity needed for my internal teams, payors, and regulators?
  3. Are my research business systems able to manage all aspects of patient engagement including appointment reminders, virtual check-ins, and payments?
  4. Does my team have the right training and credential tracking in place to easily identify compliance alignment and areas for improvement?
  5. How many pieces of software are we using, and do we have one central management system that integrates them all?
  6. Are there opportunities for efficiency at the central office, site, and individual staff member levels?

Once you’ve completed a collaborative assessment with your team, you can quantify the risks of those gaps and deploy solutions that address them in the most efficient and effective way possible. Empowering your team to identify and address inefficiencies in your research business can yield returns that benefit your teams, patients, and clinical research.

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