5 Clinical Research Trial Trends for 2021

The pharmaceutical industry is expected to increase to $1.5 trillion by 2023; even without a changing clinical trial landscape due to 2020’s events, preparation for the next few years is critical for site success. Therefore, a clear focus on trends that will impact clinical trials will benefit any research leader and clinical site team.  

Here are five clinical research trends to keep an eye on:

Collaborative Sponsor-Site Trials – In the new year and beyond, look for deeper partnerships that need to be supported by comprehensive CTMS and eClinical systems. Leveraging a powerful and comprehensive CTMS suite can help a site provide complete data sets of accurate, actionable information so sponsors can clearly see the added value working with you provides to their bottom line.

Increased Deployment of Adaptive & Remote Trial Models – In order to capitalize all the benefits these trials have to offer, clinical research sites must embrace the myriad of technologies that make remote trials possible. Adaptive and remote trials cannot be successfully executed without the backbone of CTMS and eClinical solutions that provide a site with flexibility and dynamic data. 

Personalized Medicine –  The use of precision medication is proving to be much more effective in treating disease, but there are challenges in this area, given the reduced scale of testing versus traditional trial designs. In response, clinical research trial leaders must be prepared to support sponsors in meeting the needs of niche populations. 

Trend: Digital Transformation – As is happening in every industry, healthcare is changing because of our digitized world. Clinical trial sites must develop the tools and techniques to digitize records, enhance patient support, and deliver value to sponsors in this environment.

Trend: Blockchain Technology – Sites will need to utilize this peer-to-peer system to increase their recruitment and retention efforts. The ability to have ongoing, two-way communications can enable optimized operations and opportunities for sites as they recruit for 2021 studies. Sponsors will likely look for aligned capabilities as they award trial work throughout the next year and beyond.  

Looking at how 2021 will impact clinical trials

Clinical trial leaders need to carefully evaluate their business and anticipate what trends will affect both the industry and their individual research business. To read a comprehensive assessment of these and six other trends, and discover how to prepare your site for the upcoming year, download our latest guide 2021 Trends That Will Impact Clinical Trials.

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