4 Ways to Optimize Remote Clinical Trial Site Visits

Remote trial management capabilities are becoming more critical for research sites, both now and into the future. Optimizing remote site visits — for staff, patients, and site auditors – is the foundation for long-term success in this area. Site leadership should work with their teams to develop and navigate remote strategies, solutions, and rollouts for each part of the trial process. When conducting an evaluation of your site’s remote readiness and plan-of-action, key areas of focus include:

1. Optimizing pre-study qualification visits

While it would be difficult to totally eliminate onsite visits from the qualification step during the pre-trial process, developing a hybrid process that combines onsite and virtual visits reduces risk, visit duration, and expenses. Work through how your staff experience, recruiting capabilities, safety, compliance, data storage, and SOP’s will be affected and might need to change for pre-study activities.

2. Maximizing trial site initiation visit capabilities

Having the capability to manage and remotely share selective study information in a secure and compliant manner is a necessity for remote trial success. Even if there is no choice but to visit a site in person, the time at a location can be minimized if most of the “checking” can be done remotely through online data access and live video interaction. Consider how your site can operationalize secure accessibility from a remote location.

3. Conducting remote clinical trial monitoring in accordance with study protocol

Making interim monitoring visits a focus in optimizing remote trials allows your site to leverage the time and cost benefits of standardized remote monitoring that is in demand by sponsors. Ensuring your site has the right technology tools ensures that it will be able to handle all protocol mandated interim visits safely by maximizing virtual options.

4. Leveraging technology to accomplish remote study closeout

While you might not be able to conduct the entire closeout process remotely, the right tools can make a difference in how you optimize this process. Not only will CTMS and eClinical solutions make the process more effective, maximizing which parts of closeout can be done remotely will save a tremendous amount of time and money. Consider your regulatory, financial, compliance, and protocol-mandated closeout tasks, take inventory of the current tools you have in-house, and then determine where changes or upgrades are needed to move as many of these to a remote process as possible.

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