Can Anybody Out There Hear Me? 3 Basic Marketing Tips to Improve Enrollment

Marketing is all about getting your message in front of the right groups of people. Putting information that is not relevant in front of people is simply a waste of time and money. This principle holds true when it comes to marketing your open studies to patients. Fortunately, you don’t need to be an expert in marketing to master the technique of getting your messages in front of the right people. Below are three things to keep in mind while you begin your next enrollment process:

Know Your Ideal Patients

All studies have defined demographics and lifestyles that are needed to participate in the study. For example, a study might call for men, between the ages of 35 and 50 who have diabetes. Once you understand your patients, you can figure out where they consume their media. Maybe it’s TV or radio or newspaper ads. A CTMS can aid in the understanding your audience by allowing you to track where patients heard about your trial. This way, for future studies, you know which channels to use to attract a particular demographic.

Know Who You’re Actually Targeting

The ideal targets of your recruitment advertisements may not always be the trial patients. For example, studies that involve children have to gain the attention of parents, or Alzheimer studies need to be seen by family members such as spouses or children. What’s more, complex studies may need to be communicated directly to doctors who then determine if their patients can qualify for a study before informing them of it.

Once you understand the study and the true targets of your enrollment efforts, you can further refine your tactics to maximize your enrollment for the least amount of effort and cost.

Tailor Your Message

People don’t always enroll in studies for the same reasons. For a routine study like flu vaccines, people may only be interested in earning money. This is not the case for all trials. People may be interested in trials to be on the forefront of treatment for a particular condition; while some may enroll because it is the only affordable they can get some sort of treatment for a particular condition.

Over time, you can track why people enroll in different types of studies. This information can then be used to craft your recruitment messages. With a tailored message that appeals to the target audience for your trials, you can enroll faster and more easily find the right patients.

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