2021 Trend Spotlight: Increased Electronic Assessment

Real-time Trial Reporting

2021 will bring about an increase in electronic assessment and, with it, a heavier focus on real-time reporting. After a tumultuous 2020 and the continuation of Covid-19 into the new year, trial sites will need to prepare to service both their sponsors and patients through these advanced reporting tools. 

Clinical Trial Accuracy Starts and Ends with Data

Data is an invaluable tool in the clinical trial toolbox—especially when it comes to managing relationships with sponsors. Accurate and current data demonstrates that your organization is capable of effectively organizing, running and analyzing a successful trial. Only half of US clinical trial organizations actually use a CTMS and it’s likely that less than 5% of sites track and maintain timing and performance metrics. Sites that are able to provide on-demand visualized data are at a distinct advantage. Your organization can harness this data through a CTMS to create a baseline for standard performance, demonstrate improvement over time, and create benchmarks by which to gauge future performance.

The pharmaceutical industry is expected to increase to $1.5 trillion by 2023; preparation for the next few years is critical for site success. Therefore, a clear focus on trends that will impact clinical trials will benefit any research leader and clinical site team. Discover how to prepare your site for the upcoming year – download our latest guide 2021 Trends That Will Impact Clinical Trials

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