2021 Trend Spotlight: Collaborative Sponsor-Site Trials

Looking ahead at the sponsor and site relationship

In the new year and beyond, the clinical research industry should be invested in creating deeper partnerships between sponsors and sites. These collaborations will need to be supported by comprehensive CTMS and eClinical systems. Leveraging a powerful and comprehensive suite of solutions can help a site provide complete data sets of accurate, actionable information so sponsors can clearly see the added value working with you provides to their bottom line.

Understanding what sponsors want is critical for management at a clinical research site. Increasingly, sponsors want to be ensured that performance is being monitored and reported upon accurately. Providing sponsors with predictability and reliability can set an organization apart and make it a loyal partner of choice. Site monitors are increasingly comfortable with digital regulatory practices so having the best system to track data will help make their job easier, often meaning an easier site visit for your organization and team. Early communication with monitors that provide access to your CTMS and eReg system configurations will allow sponsors to better prepare for visits to your site. Likewise, understanding specifically what they expect on-site allows your team to proactively prepare versus spending more time on last minute requests for data. And even when those ad hoc requests do arise, a digital system in place will enable finding and distributing the data in less time.

Forecasting trial site success

The pharmaceutical industry is expected to increase to $1.5 trillion by 2023; preparation for the next few years is critical for site success. Therefore, a clear focus on trends that will impact clinical trials will benefit any research leader and clinical site team. Discover how to prepare your site for the upcoming year – download our latest guide 2021 Trends That Will Impact Clinical Trials. 

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