A Guide to Patient Payment Best Practices

In the world of clinical trials, researchers and patients often approach studies from different perspectives. Researchers want a successful go-to-market product or publishable finding; patients want to know how the study will help their health, and how much they will get paid. This disconnect can be problematic when it comes to ensuring accurate and timely […]

Improve Trial Funnel and ROI Results with eConsent

Consent and patient comprehension are two of the key pillars for successful trial management. And while this technology isn’t necessarily new, it is experiencing increased adoption by both CTOs and regulators across the globe. A recent study showed that 20% of trials are expected to use eConsent in the next three years and 25% of […]

Create a Successful Billing Compliance Program This Year

With the start of a new fiscal year, there are important steps you need to take to build a successful clinical trial billing compliance program. The following information will help you develop procedures for handling any reimbursement issues that arise. Evaluate Your Current State When developing an effective compliance program, you’ll need to establish a […]

Optimize Your Research Program Through Structure and Staffing

The benefits of having a research program within your organization are both direct and indirect. The obvious direct benefit is the financial value created by providing a revenue stream, attracting new patients, and increasing ancillary services. Indirectly, having a research program not only enhances the site’s visibility but also increases market share and improves community […]

Selling Your Site: Business Development in a Changing Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is constantly changing, especially over the past few years. Research and development costs are growing exponentially, while mergers and acquisitions are being leveraged to increase revenue, decrease costs, gain influence, and eliminate competition. As sponsors move from high-volume/low-margin business models to low-volume/high-margin models, there is increased competition among sites for fewer research […]

Avoiding Common Pitfalls in the Beginning Phases of IITs

Establishing your site as an IIT powerhouse can be an incredibly lucrative way for the administration to show support for their PIs’ initiatives and interests. Investigator-Initiated Trials (IITs) have seen an increased interest within the clinical research field. Both industry sponsors and investigators are recognizing these undertakings as important investments and are collaborating to maximize […]

3 Hidden Benefits of Documented Quality Control Practices

Everyone understands how important quality control is to clinical trials. Without standard operating procedures, researchers cannot ensure site staff perform tasks consistently—or even correctly. And yet, The Global Journal for Clinical Research Sites states that it’s common for sites to not document their internal quality control practices or SOPs. Sites overlook this step for many […]

What Clinical Trial Websites Need to Attract Patients

Each month, thousands of people Google the words “clinical trials.” This presents research sites and study sponsors with a big opportunity to recruit potential participants. A dedicated website can attract applicants to your clinical trial—provided you design it well. Clinical trial websites aren’t always created with potential study subjects in mind. Visitors to ClinicalTrials.gov, for […]

How a CTMS Can Ensure Billing Compliance

Clinical trial regulations constantly expand and evolve. These changes are put in place to benefit health systems and patients. Still, maintaining compliance with ever-changing rules can challenge even the most organized sites—and lead to costly errors. This is especially true when handling the billing for clinical trials. Clinical trial billing mistakes come in many forms; […]

How to Find and Use Medicare NCDs and LCDs at Your Site

Medicare covers the costs of clinical trials—but only in certain situations. National Coverage Determinations (NCDs) and Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs) highlight what Medicare will and will not pay for. By identifying and understanding the applicable NCDs and LCDs for your studies, you can ensure smooth and compliant Medicare coverage for your site. What Are Medicare […]