Revolutionize the way you conduct your clinical research.

Clinical Conductor CTMS

The only Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) designed to accommodate regulatory compliance and enhance clinical research operations for all types of research organizations. Our clinical data management software keeps track of finances, recruitment, participants and delivers comprehensive reporting and monitoring. Revolutionize the way you conduct your clinical research with Clinical Conductor CTMS.

View our Ultimate Guide to Clinical Trial Software to see how Clinical Conductor can be perfect the CTMS for your organization.


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CTMS Features


The features in Clinical Conductor provide our customers with the functionality they need to conduct their clinical trials efficiently. By simplifying the clinical trial process, our customers can use our CTMS to advance their research by focusing on their patients.

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CTMS Modules


Clinical Conductor CTMS strives to provide our customers with software that is designed to accommodate the unique needs of your organization. These enhancements to our clinical trial software assist in the way you conduct clinical trials.

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CTMS Integrations


We want our software to fit the way you work! Clinical Conductor integrates with a variety of companies to provide your organization with seamless connection between those services and our CTMS.

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CTMS Services


Clinical Conductor is backed by our dedicated support and development teams, providing our customers with the information and assistance they need to use our clinical trial software to its fullest potential.

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CTMS Resources


Looking for more information about Clinical Conductor? View our Resources section where you can download Case Studies, Information Sheets, Webinars, and Videos related to clinical data management systems.

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Why Clinical Conductor?

Faster Enrollment

Use the tools to increase your patient enrollment and retention. Streamline your patient recruitment tasks, track progress in detail and reach more participants in less time.

Increased Profitability

Organize your finances in Clinical Conductor and maintain the profitability to manage and grow your business. Have the financial confidence and control you need by utilizing the right budgeting, billing reporting tools designed specifically for research.

Streamlined Communication

Easily communicate internally, or with external partners to share and view documents and keep everything organized. Electronically request signatures to reduce the risks from using paper documents and cut down on clutter at your facility.

Enhanced Visibility

Utilize advanced reports that give you a complete understanding of your business and help you grow and conduct better clinical trials. Stay on track with critical tasks and identify next steps needed to minimize problems and delays.

Improved Patient Engagement

Stay in contact with your patients using notification functionality to reduce no-show appointments and sustain engagement in the study. Track patients in your database and keep in touch as studies begin where they can qualify.

Standardized Compliance

Align one site or multiple locations with processes that adhere to GCP, 21 CFR Part 11 and other compliance standards and ensure safe, high quality clinical research. Use Clinical Conductor to maintain compliance and reduce unnecessary risks to your business and your patients.

Clinical Conductor CTMS Resources

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Ultimate Guide to Clinical Trial Software


Clinical Conductor CTMS Blog Entries

How a CTMS Can Ensure Billing Compliance

Clinical trial regulations constantly expand and evolve. These changes are put in place to benefit health systems and patients. Still, maintaining compliance with ever-changing rules can challenge even the most organized sites—and lead to costly errors. This is especially true when handling the billing for clinical trials. Clinical trial billing mistakes come in many forms; […]

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How to Find and Use Medicare NCDs and LCDs at Your Site

Medicare covers the costs of clinical trials—but only in certain situations. National Coverage Determinations (NCDs) and Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs) highlight what Medicare will and will not pay for. By identifying and understanding the applicable NCDs and LCDs for your studies, you can ensure smooth and compliant Medicare coverage for your site. What Are Medicare […]

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3 Steps for Better Site Metric Tracking

Each year, poorly performing sites cost sponsors and CROs billions of dollars. Sponsors and CROs are adjusting strategies to solve this problem, including improving their site selection processes. As a result, to win studies, your site must now show that it’s not only easy to work with, but also a money-saving solution. Demonstrated success is […]

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Clinical Conductor CTMS Case Studies

Sterling Research

With Clinical Conductor, Sterling has seen a 100% improvement in their centralization and tracking of study-related events. With just a few clicks, users can determine which study visits had occurred, who had been contacted, who had been paid and dozens of other metrics. In turn, using this CTMS has helped to save time and reduce errors by eliminating manual processes and ensuring that all necessary data is captured.


QPS Miami Research Associates

Since implementation, QPS-MRA has entered almost 500 studies, and Clinical Conductor has helped with the recruitment for new studies by allowing QPS-MRA to re-use some of the 60,000 subjects that were in their database. The organization likes the business development features in our CTMS that can easily identify how many studies a certain doctor has performed and with which sponsors.


Clinical Research Solutions

With Clinical Conductor, CRS has seen an immense improvement in communication amongst their sites and the corporate office. With just a few clicks, users can determine which study visits had occurred, who had been contacted, who had been paid and dozens of other metrics. In turn, this has helped to save time and reduce errors by eliminating manual processes and ensuring that all necessary data is captured.