Site Networks

From recruiting study subjects to following a pipeline of upcoming projects, Clinical Conductor is indispensable for information sharing in a team environment.- Rossmeri Montalvo Site Director - Altus Research

Looking for a CTMS can be a difficult process for a site network; they require a clinical trial management system enhances their clinical trial research operations. Clinical Conductor provides decentralized site networks with the features to establish a streamlined communication process. With Clinical Conductor, you can create central study protocols in one location and distribute them to your networked sites in real time. What’s more, the collaborative architecture found in Clinical Conductor CTMS allows for more transparent communication between the site network office, monitors and CROs. Clinical Conductor also streamlines financial management, simplifies the recruitment process and facilitates faster, more reliable communication within and beyond the site network. Using Clinical Conductor provides site networks the ability to adapt to a changing research environment and expand their business.

  • Select the right sites in your network for each study
  • Set budgets for single and multiple sites in your network
  • Centrally create study protocols in one location and distribute to your networked sites
  • Streamline study recruitment
  • Manage network finances at all levels of granularity
  • Ensure network-wide research compliance
  • Enhance research partner effectiveness with the use of Clinical Conductor Portals
  • Monitor your trial progress throughout your network with leading-edge project management tools