Clinical Conductor has been a benefit to our workflow by enhancing the transparency of our financial relationship with the site and the sponsor.– Allison DuBuisson MS CCRC Senior Clinical Trial Project Manager with Greenway Medical Technologies' Research Services

Collaboration is the key to success for any Contract Research Organization (CRO). Clinical Conductor CTMS allows for better interaction between site partners, sponsors and monitors, giving CROs the configurability they need to successfully manage multiple trials in a number of locations. Clinical Conductor is the only clinical trial management software capable of receiving information from multiple sites and aggregating the data into actionable reports. Clinical Conductor simplifies the clinical trial process for CROs by providing advanced financial management, along with detailed reporting on study startup and study execution progress. By allowing for more transparent communication between the CRO, sponsors and partner sites, quality and efficiency increases for all stakeholders. Clinical Conductor CTMS provides CROs with accurate trial oversight capability and advanced business insight reporting, allowing CROs to manage their trials and research partners better than ever before.


Clinical Conductor CTMS for CROs:

  • Advanced oncology CTMS functionality
  • Connect with partners and sponsors via Clinical Conductor or Portals
  • Multiple EDC interfaces
  • Advanced project management tools
  • Easily select the right sites, partners and vendors for your trials
  • Set and track location-specific budgets and timelines in real time
  • Work with monitors via portals, track visits and receive monitoring reports