What to Look For When Choosing a CTMS

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How different are other CTMS options?

Not all Clinical Trial Management Systems are created equal. The right clinical trial management software can help organizations achieve utmost efficiency and success. Adopting the wrong clinical trial software, however, can make clinical trials even more trying of a process.

“Because every sponsor and CRO have a different business model mode of operation, no single out-of-the-box CTMS product is likely to satisfy the majority of business management needs of any organization.” –Beth Harper, IT World

Asking the right questions about your organization

In order to find the right clinical trial software, organizations need to have a grasp on the current state of their clinical research organization, having clear answers to the following questions:

  • Who is involved in the decision-making for CTMS adoption?
  • What is our budget?
  • Which parts of our clinical research trial system work well? Which are inefficient?
  • What are the goals of our organization?
  • What kind of actionable data do we need in order to achieve our goals?

If clinical research organizations are having a difficult time discerning where their challenges and strengths lie, it is helpful to list every step of the process, analyzing each part of the system to monitor which operations are a breeze and which are a drain on time and resources.

Next steps in selecting clinical trial software

From there, clinical research organizations can begin to form a picture of what their concrete needs are and can begin comparing clinical trial software.