Financial Benefits of Clinical Trial Management Software

Increased Profitability

Stronger Financial Management

For many clinical research organizations, viewing their organization through the lens of a business is a challenge in and of itself. Because research is a process that sites conduct to reach conclusions about certain drugs or treatments, incorporating business intelligence into that process can feel like a foreign concept. Now more than ever, there is a need for actionable business insights within clinical research organizations. Trials are becoming increasingly complex, the patient recruitment process is challenging, and shrinking study budgets equals a downright costly operation.

It is crucial for research organizations to maintain thorough and accurate reporting throughout the entire clinical research process. In doing so, operations executives will be able to control the cost of the clinical trial process.

Evaluating Success

When looking to improve the success of a clinical research organization, operations executives need a way to test their current practices. Using clinical trial software, organizations can monitor and report the success or inefficiencies of the following areas of clinical trial processes:

Overall program/profit loss

Using clinical trial software, operations executives can easily look at their bottom line and discern whether or not their trials are operating at their utmost efficiency

Individual Trial Profit

These reports offer the critical breadcrumbs that will direct an organization to the path of success, allowing them to filter out bad trials and find the ones that are bringing in profit

Clinical Trial Program Cost Recovery

Once organizations have addressed what isn’t working in their clinical trials, it’s likely that their budget will change shape. As this happens, program cost recovery reports will help ensure that recovered costs will be accounted for

Patient Enrollment

Patient enrollment tracking helps organizations understand the patterns of the patient enrollment process, allowing more successful future trials. Patient enrollment reports offer insight on the maximum ROI and the most powerful methods for niche recruitment

Upcoming Business

As new business prospects approach, these reports help organizations make long-term business decisions regarding materials, personnel, space, and more, helping employees stay on-task and trials running smoothly

Staff Capacity

Organizations can use visits scheduled and completed in order to determine the workload that team members are carrying, allowing managers to make necessary adjustments and increase productivity

Maximizing Profits with Clinical Trial Software

Utilizing clinical trial software provides countless insights that will help research organizations maximize profits. However, clinical operations executives need to ensure that they are maximizing the breadth of their clinical trial software’s capabilities by developing clear, actionable business insight goals.

Clinical trial software is often equipped with Business Intelligence modules, allowing research organizations to get the answers they need with unparalleled access to real-time business data with the ability to create actionable reports almost instantaneously.