Why European CROs Need a CTMS

Clinical trials are an essential part of a CROs existence, but they can also be the most expensive. CROs, especially in Europe, need tools that increase efficiency, productivity, and performance, as well as the ability to effortless communication between their sites and CROs. Utilizing a clinical trial management system gives CROs the functionality they need to successfully conduct their clinical trials, while also being able to provide their sponsors with the information they need.

First, a clinical trial management system, or a CTMS, is designed to maintain and track trial progress and information. A CTMS can track the status of the people, events, finances, data and documentation involved in and required for the clinical trial. This gives CROs the ability to be proactive rather than reactive whenever possible. Clinical trial management solutions provide a variety of comprehensive features, such as site monitoring, financial management, regulatory document tracking and more.

How Does a CRO benefit from a CTMS?

A CTMS can provide a CRO with several features that will ultimately allow CROs to maintain several clinical trials with ease. One of the most significant problems that a CRO must deal with is having efficient access to their clinical trial information. If a CRO is still using file shares and paper documents to maintain their data, they won’t be able to work on documents simultaneously or have updated trial information to work with. By utilizing real-time sharing and collaboration in a CTMS, CROs will be able to share information, reports and other valuable resources amongst their team.

Project management is another way that a CTMS can help a CRO with managing the day to day activities of their clinical trials. The correct project management can ensure quality trial data, which helps to ensure accurate trial results. With functionality designed to communicate to study partners, a CRO has complete control of everything related to their clinical trials and has the tools they need to accomplish goals and better their business.

Being able to receive the right kind of reports from your research sites is another great benefit of utilizing a CTMS. If you are still using Excel spreadsheets or other manual methods for tracking finances and patient appointments, you won’t be able to get a full picture of the studies that you are managing. By using a CTMS, research organizations can create custom reports that provide any piece of information they might need for the system and consolidate it into one central report. This will also give CROs the ability to report on study startup information and study execution progress

A clinical trial management system will provide a CRO with multiple benefits, such as preventing items from slipping through the cracks, enforcing procedures and requiring less duplicate data entry. All of these features are designed to simplify the clinical trial process for research sites, CROs, and sponsors. Implementing a CTMS at your organization create a less stressful work environment; by streamlining the processes and procedures for your clinical trial, a CTMS can improve employee retention and productivity.

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