Where are all the People? Tracking Advertising Effectiveness and What You Need to Know

Effective recruitment is a key part of the foundation of a successful study. Organizations need to have a clear understanding of how they can maximize their recruitment ROI and quickly recruit patients for their studies. Tracking recruitment effectiveness starts with monitoring the performance of all of your recruiting campaigns (TV, radio, etc.). Understanding all you can about your campaigns can benefit you in multiple ways and make future trials more effective and profitable. Below are a couple of key metrics to track while measuring the effectiveness of your recruitment campaigns:

The Number of Total Responses from Each Recruitment Campaign

It might sound obvious, but understanding which channels generate the most responses for a certain study will help you to better justify your recruitment budget when in negotiations with a sponsor. Tracking this information helps you better understand which recruitment methods are the most effective for specific types of trials and patients. You should know which channels appeal to specific demographics; this way, you can maximize recruitment and minimize costs for future studies. A CTMS can help you track this data and can create actionable reports that can be used to clearly show which channels are effective for certain demographics.

The Number of Responses that Qualify for a Study from Each Source Campaign

This metric is important because it helps you to better recruit for future studies that have similar patient requirements. By understanding where your qualified responses are most likely to generate from, you don’t have to waste time and money on ineffective channels, allowing you to recruit faster and keep your studies on track. What’s more, a CTMS can generate reports that display the most effective source campaigns from previous studies, allowing you to easily determine which channels will work well again for similar studies.

The Benefits of Tracking

By understanding which recruitment channels are effective for certain demographics and patient types, your organization is provided with a multitude of benefits. Aside from the increased ROI and recruitment efficiency, your organization now has analytics that can be used to support any budget negotiations you have with sponsors. Over time, you will have developed a proven datasheet on your recruitment that will to make your organization more profitable and be seen as a better partner to work with on studies.