What Makes a Successful Research Site?

Finding success in the clinical research world is hard work. It involves staying on top of many attributes related to your processes. Research sites need to understand what constitutes a successful site, so we have given you a few characteristics of the most successful research sites. Hopefully you are already well on your way to becoming a preferred site in your areas of expertise!

A Tight Grip on Finances

Without a sound understanding of your financial situation, your research site can quickly become unprofitable, which can bring about a myriad of negative consequences that could put an end to your business. As a site, you need to know all of the financial details related to your procedures, compensation, budgets and more. Once you have a clear picture of your finances, you can quickly address issues, negotiate for more money and get on the right track for a successful site.

Top-Notch Recruitment

Being able meet enrollment numbers goes a long way in starting your trials on the right foot, but it’s not easy. Successful recruitment means having a clear understanding of patient behaviors based on demographic information, as well as therapeutic information. You also need to understand the differences in messages you send to different audiences. Having complete control of your recruitment lowers your costs and makes you a better partner to work with.

Constant Communication

Clinical research is a team endeavor where there are multiple parties completing a variety of roles; and all of them need to work together in order to ensure a successful study. If your site does not communicate well, all parties suffer and the quality of the trial decreases. Being able to communicate in a timely, effective manner will cause you to be seen as a preferred site, and you would be surprised how important this seemingly easy characteristic is to your research partners!

Reliable Results

Reliability brings about recurring business. Sponsors and CROs need to know they can trust their partner sites to deliver quality data, timely information and reports, fiscal responsibility and more. If you provide your partners inconsistent performances, they will trust you less and thereby work with you less.

The Desire to Do Better

As an organization, it should be your goal to always improve and grow. In clinical research, this is more crucial given the quickly changing environment. Your site should be analyzing reports after every trial attempting to identify any weak areas and improve them for the next study. Once your site gets into this routine, the idea of constantly evolving becomes a natural part of your process and helps ensure you can conduct high quality and highly profitable research.

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