Using a CTMS to Improve Your Cold Call Rates

Cold calls aren’t just for sales. When recruiting for your studies, there are many times where you may have to pick up the phone and begin calling potential patients to gauge their interest in participating. However, like in sales, cold calls are hard and frustrating. You may find the calls you’re making don’t reach the right people, or that they’re too skeptical or unaware of your study. A CTMS can make difficult cold calls a little easier. Here are some ways you can use a CTMS to improve your success rate for cold calls:

A Constantly Updating and Evolving Patient Database

A CTMS patient database is much more effective than an excel list or drawer of patient files. With a CTMS patient database, you can record specific details about every past patient and potential patient you’ve ever had at your organization. This list eventually becomes complex and can be queried for a variety of reasons, including for cold calls!

Create Call Lists That Have the Right Patients

A CTMS can help both you and your team create the right lists before you begin your calls. This means you start off with a greater chance of success. By utilizing your patient database, a great CTMS gives you the functionality to search for patients based on multiple criteria (ex: men older than 50 who have sleep apnea). This search functionality provides you with an extremely unique set of patients who you can cold call regarding an upcoming study. What’s better is that these patients have the qualities you’re looking for, so they have a much better chance of qualifying for your study.

Advertisement Tracking

Just because you’re cold calling a potential patient doesn’t mean they first hear about your trials from you. While cold calling, a great CTMS has forms where callers can enter information they are required to ask on every call. This means that if a potential patient mentions hearing about your study on TV or the radio, you can mark it down and better track the effectiveness of your ads. Over time, you can develop a clear picture of what channels work best for different types of people, which saves you money that was previously wasted on advertisements (not to mention it helps when negotiating with sponsors).

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