Starting 2015 Right With a CTMS

2015 is bringing about even more changes in the clinical research world. With all that’s new, a CTMS is proving to be more important than ever (for more information, check out the webinar “A New Year, New Rules and Using a CTMS”).

Many organizations are already finalizing the 2015 budgets. If this includes a CTMS, great! In order to help ensure a smooth search process, we have compiled a few questions and characteristics to look for, in addition to a few good places to start looking. Best of luck on finding the right CTMS!

What to look for: Usability

Researchers need to be able to enter data in a way that is intuitive and consistent. This means the CTMS software being used should be easily navigable, well organized and designed to minimize the number of required clicks to accomplish a task.

What to look for: Support

Even with proper training, questions and requests will arise from any organization using a CTMS. Looking for a CTMS company that provides high quality, ongoing support is essential. Looking for a CTMS company that provides high quality, ongoing support is essential.

What to ask: What is your customer retention rate?

Understanding a CTMS provider’s customer retention rate is critical to ensuring that you pick the right system. CTMS providers often like to brag about how many customers they have, but don’t readily share how many people stop using their system. It’s important to understand this because it’s an indicator of how much value the vendor brings to the table for their research organizations.

What to ask: What new functionality are you working on for future releases?

Not only should a CTMS vendor be providing releases on a regular schedule, but the content of those releases should be relevant to the users. During the CTMS selection process be sure to ask what the company is currently working on for future releases. This is often a good indication of how aware the vendor is of the marketplace.

Where to look: Trade Shows

Trade shows may seem outdated, but they’re actually one of the best locations to meet CTMS vendors. At a show, you can research exhibitors in advance, make a list of CTMS vendors, and have a plan to visit each one to learn more about their offerings. Trade shows also give you valuable face-to-face interaction. You can meet direct contacts for the company, ask them questions and get an overview of their application.

Where to look: Online Listings

Another great channel to discover and learn more about CTMS vendors are third-party listings. Some CTMS listings even contain videos, case studies and screen shots, and provide users the ability to read user reviews, which can give you real world perspectives on the various CTMS applications.

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