Revolutionize Your Recruitment: Online Tactics You Can use to Fill Your Studies

Traditional forms of recruitment have varied levels of success depending on the specifics of each study and an organization’s geographic location. Today, there are several ways to utilize online channels to boost your trial awareness and enhance recruitment. These strategies can give your organization an edge to boost patient recruitment and build your patient database for future trials.

Utilize Forums and Blogs

The internet is home to a wealth of forums and blogs dedicated to specific healthcare situations where people can come together to discuss a situation in depth. These forums can be a great way to promote a specific study related to a specific situation. Readers can reach out to you for additional screening, and family and friends on the forum can even spread the word to others. What’s more, those who do not qualify can always be contacted for related studies in the future.

Start a Social Media Strategy

This may sound simple – and many of you may already have a Facebook and Twitter you use to post studies – but social media can be used for much more. While social media is great for building awareness, you cannot display as much in-depth study information as you can on forums or blogs. However, you can utilize social media to create valuable partnerships with local healthcare or wellness organizations to share your Facebook posts and tweets regarding your studies. This way, your study gains awareness throughout your community and increases the number of interested participants. You can also implement this strategy for groups related to specific medical situations.

Bring people to you with SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can mean a lot of things. For sites and managing organizations, effective SEO means having a website that is navigable and that contains the right keywords so users can easily find you when they search for certain study-related terms in search engines. SEO helps your page appear higher in Google (pagerank) and can be supplemented with paid ad campaigns through Google AdWords. What’s more, writing and updating a blog about what you do will also help keep your pages showing up and users visiting your site where they can see what studies you are enrolling.