Pit Stop: Keeping Your CTMS Running Like New…Part 1

Purchasing a CTMS is an investment in your organization’s success and future. In order to make sure that you are getting the most from your system, it’s important to periodically take some time and make a pit stop to ensure that your CTMS is still working at peak efficiency for your organization. In order to do this, take a look at some of our suggestions:

Review Staff Lists

As any organization knows, people come and go. It’s important to review the people who have accounts within your CTMS. This is important for several reasons. First, as people come and go from your organization, you do not need their account taking up space in your system and potentially being a security threat.

Verify Staff Security Roles

In addition to reviewing staff lists, it’s important to review each user’s security rights. Doing this prevents users from accessing information that is not needed. This is important for two reasons, as it enhances application security and prevents users from accidentally modifying data that should not be changed.

Review Patient Database

Any researcher will tell you that having a robust patient database is critical to successfully enrolling patients in studies; however, it’s easy for patient databases to get out of control. During your pit stop it’s important to review your patient list to ensure that you do not have duplicates within your system. Having duplicates can give you a false sense of security when screening for candidates or future studies. Additionally, you should review the patient database to ensure that contact information is still current and up to date. While it may be impossible to call, email or verify each contact in your database it’s a good idea to select a sampling of patients to confirm. This can help you determine the accuracy of your database.

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