Oncology’s Clinical Research Complexities: NCI Reporting

A required part of conducting oncology clinical trials is sending reports to the National Cancer Institute (NCI). These reports have to be filled out in a specific way and sent to the NCI each year. For Data Tables 3 and 4, a CTMS can take the required information, organize it, and export it into a document you can finalize and send to the NCI.

A great CTMS allows you to note which information is required for NCI reporting. This functionality ensures no reportable information is overlooked. From there, you can create specific reports for Data Tables 3 and 4. These Excel files can then be exported and reviewed by you and your team. You also have the ability to add any required information that is not in your CTMS before sending it to the NCI.

With a CTMS to manage your oncology trials, you receive functionality that allows you to manage the myriad of complexities associated with oncology trials, but NCI reporting functionality is a simple, but impactful functionality that helps improve efficiency, reduce wasted time and prevent the possibility for reporting errors. When evaluating oncology CTMS applications, make sure to ask about NCI reporting!