Enhancing Patient Recruitment: Print

Print advertising. Some think it’s a waste of time and money. However, this medium can actually be effective for research organizations if done correctly. Well-crafted print advertisements for newspapers, magazines, etc. can help your organization recruit the right people for your studies. Here’s a few tips that you and others at your organization can use to create the impactful ads that will help bring the right people to your studies:

Remember AICDA

  1. Attention – A stimulating headline that grabs readers’ attention through the other clutter around them. It must be appropriate and meet the needs or interests of the intended audience
  2. Interest – Keeping readers engaged as the information becomes more detailed
  3. Credibility – Makes believable claims
  4. Desire – Describes the benefits of the product or service (the study in your case)
  5. Action – Motivates people to do something, such as call or visit a website

Simple Layouts

Your ad should have a clean layout with a flow that goes from top to bottom and left to right. This aligns with readers’ natural reading movements and makes your ad easily understood.

Short, Powerful Headlines

Your headline is the attention-grabber. Don’t overthink it. Create a headline that your audience can relate to and easily process – this will prompt them to read the rest of your ad.

Stick to a Singular Message

One ad should convey one major point (for example, one study – not five). If you stick to one topic, you will avoid confusing your reader and increase the likelihood they will reach out to you.

Short Text

You have to elaborate on what your ad is trying to convey, but avoid using lots of unnecessary text. Use just enough for readers to learn about your study, because any more will bore them and reduce your ad’s effectiveness.

Don’t Forget Photos and Color

Anything you can use to make your ad pop will help catch readers’ eyes and increase the effectiveness of an ad. Just remember to not overdo it.

Hopefully with these tips you can start to craft effective ads for your organization that will help boost enrollment and increase your recruitment ROI.