CTMS Search Tips: Looking Out for Everyday Users

Managers at research organizations might make the executive decision to research and adopt a CTMS, but the researchers are the people using it every day. You need to make sure the CTMS you select supports the needs of both administrative and research users will help ensure better trial management.


Researchers need to be able to enter data in a way that is intuitive and consistent. This means the CTMS software being used should be easily navigable, well organized and designed to minimize the number of required clicks to accomplish a task. A great CTMS should also have easily generated reports that take the raw data, analyze it and present it in a way that researchers and administrators can benefit from it.


Adopting a CTMS is a major change for any research organization. If a CTMS software company does not offer comprehensive training on its products, organizations may be underutilizing the software or using it inefficiently, which could diminish the likelihood of success. Moreover, a lack of training could prevent research organizations from fully adopting the CTMS they purchased, wasting the money and time that was spent investing in the system. A leading CTMS software company should offer training and tutorials so research organizations can better themselves through the use of this new software.


Even with proper training, questions and requests will arise from any organization using a CTMS. Looking for a CTMS company that provides high quality, ongoing support is essential. Looking for a CTMS company that provides high quality, ongoing support is essential. Given that questions can arise at any time, research organizations should be able to contact the CTMS company support staff and receive assistance immediately. Partnering with a CTMS company that listens to the needs and wants of its customers and takes them seriously should be highly sought out.

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