CTMS: Maximizing the Patient Experience

Solidifying patient retention through positive experience

Without consenting patients, clinical trials wouldn’t happen, so everyone knows it’s essential to provide them the best possible experience to ensure they return to your business in the future to participate in additional clinical trials. A clinical trial management system (CTMS) can help your organization ensure you are prepared enough to provide your patients with quality care that keeps them coming back.

Simple Screening

Great CTMS applications offer the ability for potential patients to do basic screening online, where they can determine whether or not they exhibit the characteristics that would qualify them for a particular study. From there, the information goes to your team, and the enrollment process becomes expedited and a better experience for all parties.

Visit Management

With a CTMS, you can lay out what procedures are required for each visit throughout the trial, as stipulated by the study protocol, and create visit checklists that your coordinators can use to ensure all visits are conducted correctly. For patients, this level of preparedness decreases waiting times and visit times, allowing them to get on with the rest of their day. What’s more, the increased efficiency may even allow you to add an extra appointment into each day!

Proper Visit Scheduling

Many protocols require follow-up visits within a certain window. Based on what the study protocol states, your CTMS can pull up the available appointments within the follow-up window automatically. This way, your patients know when their next appointment will be, and your team avoids missed windows, keeping the study on time and the data accurate.

Constant Communication

Communicating with your patients is much easier with a CTMS. Using your patient database, you can pull the necessary contact information and send an email or phone call to a patient with ease. To add to this, a CTMS can also integrate with SMS messaging services to send automatic messages to your patients. These messages may be to simply confirm appointments, but they can also be used to determine interest in studies or many other reasons.

See CCTrialSuite In Action

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